The 10 Best Natural Oils For Skincare

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Applying naturals oil to your skin has become a beauty must among today’s skin product enthusiasts. There are numerous benefits to incorporating certain natural oils into you skincare routine. Read on to learn about the natural oils you should look for in your beauty products the next time you go shopping.

#1 – Almond Oil

This oil is extremely nourishing, absorbs easily, and is extra-moisturizing. It is cold pressed from dried kernels of an almond tree and is filled with vitamin E, B, and other fatty acids.

#2 – Argan Oil

Rich in vitamin E, fatty acids, and phytosterols; Argan oil is known for its ability to improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It also alleviates irritated skin and diminishes acne and puffiness.

#3 – Coconut Oil

This oil is lightweight and is extracted from coconuts. Its milky texture softens and improves skin tone, as well as elasticity on the face and neck.

#4 – Jojoba Oil

This oil is a highly effective moisturizer that penetrates pores with ease, masks redness and uneven skin tone, and is ideal to use on sensitive or acne prone skin.

#5 – Canola Oil

Canola oil can be used on all skin types and contains many essential fatty acids. It helps skin retain moisture and it is highly conditioning.

#6 – Grapeseed Oil

Rich in linoleic acid, grapeseed oil is lightweight is non greasy. It promotes healthy skin cells and leaves skin soft and moist.

#7 – Evening Primrose Oil

High in vitamins and minerals, this oil restores skin elasticity and moisture. It is great to use on those who suffer from eczema and those who have dry and chapped skin on their body.

#8 – A photo of a woman next to a list of natural oils tha can be used in skincare routines.Olive Oil

Derived from cold pressed olives, this oil forms a breathable barrier to prevent loss of moisture and doesn’t affect the natural function of the skin cells. It heals the skin and helps keep it looking young, soft, and smooth.

#9 – Hemp Seed Oil

Pressed from a small nut, hemp seed oil contains a large amount of protein, fatty acids, and vitamin E to soften and sooth.

#10 – Carrot Root Oil

This unique oil is rich in beta-carotene, which is ideal for aging or sun damaged skin because it provides intense moisture and targets wrinkled areas. It is also safe to use on sensitive skin, as it improves inflammatory skin conditions.

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