Making Mini Desserts

If you’ve had your eye on our 3d molds but have wondered how exactly to go about using one, this tutorial is for you. Below, you will find out how you can make miniature macaroons using acrylic liquid and acrylic powder. If you don’t want to make miniature macaroons, don’t worry, this process can be used to make a mini dessert using any of our molds.

This is just an overview, so there isn’t too much detail included.



-a bush (such as a paint brush)

-xacto knife

-pigment [Optional]

-a facial mask (one that covers your nose and moth such as a medical mask)

-acrylic liquid

-acrylic powder

-3d nail mold (You can purchase molds here.)

-rubbing alcohol

-a cotton balls


1. First and foremost, put on your mask. You don’t want to spend 10+ minutes inhaling acrylic liquid.

2. If you’re working indoors, open the window(s) in the room. You can turn a fan on, but make sure it’s not positioned in a way that blows the acrylic powder and liquid into your face.

3. If there is a certain color that you’d like your miniature to be, mix a little bit of the pigment in with your acrylic powder.

Get started:

Step 1 image Step 1:Add a little alcohol to your cotton ball and clean the mold. You don’t want put in hard work only for their to be dust, dirt, or lint in the miniature.
Step 2 image Step 2Dip the bristles of the brush in acrylic liquid then dip the the tip of the brush in the acrylic powder. Apply the mixture to the mold carefully. This can dry quickly so be quick. If some of the mixture gets outside the shape in the mold, that’s okay, you can correct it later.
Step 3 image Step 3After filling the shapes, let the acrylic dry. This should take a no more than 2-3 minutes.
Step 4 image Step 4Make sure that the acrylic has dried and is solid. Twist the mold, to loosen and remove the miniatures. Then use an Xacto knife to clean up the edges of the miniature.
Step 5 image Step 5Because I’m using a macaroon mold, steps 1-4 will need to be repeated so that there can be a pair of each shape. So, repeat step one.
Step 6 image Step 6Repeat step 2 by filling the mold with acrylic.
Step 7 image Step 7Repeat step 3 and allow the acrylic to dry in the mold.
Step 8 image Step 8Correct the edges of the miniatures if necessary.
Step 9 image Step 9Now you have pairs!





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